I was an odd child to say the least. I grew up watching home remodeling shows, and interior design segments on television while my sisters and friends wanted to watch cartoons and game shows. I knew then, as evidently as I know now, that my heart would always follow the path towards design.

I began my love for furniture design as a child, painting furniture from my room to make it “match better”, as I had seen many times on those home remodeling shows I loved to watch. I rearranged my room just about once a week to learn about the flow and feng shui a room should have.

As an adult, I gravitated heavily towards furniture refinishing out of necessity. Being a single mom forced me to hone my crafts by refinishing old furniture to make extra money. There has always been something thrilling about turning something old and used, into something beautiful again. Transforming furniture that most people would throw out on trash day, into functional and stylish furniture, gives me daily reassurance that any situation can be mended and made beautiful again.


when you take things a part quote elaina mitchell designs.png

Through my years of refinishing, I found myself taking a part a lot of the furniture I found, to properly refinish and fix it. Taking something apart is probably the best way to learn how things get put together. Thus, a new passion emerged; custom build furniture and designs.

I cannot express enough how passionate I am about creating something from scratch. Weather it be furniture, graphics, décor or art, my heart is always invested into every detail of every piece I create. By allowing me to help you bring your vision to life, you are allowing me to live my life doing what I love; creating.

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